Monday, May 6, 2013


So, today at work, I managed to walk 12200 steps. Awesome. An excuse not to head to the gym? Hmmm,.... Tempting. Coworker said he wasn't going that urged me more than anything to go to the gym. So I showed up to the gym, thinking I would do who knows what. Slowly I developed a plan.

~ 20 min bike going 5mile and who knows how many calories.
~ 15 min elipitical thingy going 1 mile
~ 10 min treadmill going crazy slow and .5mile

Ok, I don't track the number of calories the machine gives me. I set a goal for time and try to lip sync to my distraction music so I don't just watch the clock dance on like a slow ticking time bomb.

As I was leaving the gym I noticed a sign, 2hour parking limit for the grocery store. Hmmm most of the cars parked way over here are going to the gym. And oh my, there were so many cute guys there tonite. It was a good time to go.

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