Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Comfort Zone for #Juneathon

So today I went back and forth between going to my work Learn to Run group. Last time there wasn’t too many people. Which I kinda liked. I surveyed some friends on Facebook whether I should pack a bag last nite so I could go to group. And you know what? I got an outstanding verdict of YES! Pack the bag. A few of the respondents surprised me. I wasn’t expecting encouragement from them. It felt good to know I have more cheerleaders in my life than I knew. We all can use a few extra cheerleaders. So Monday morning arrived. I spent the morning being very unproductive. I wasn’t convinced about showing up to the running group. I emailed a few people who said they were in to see if they were coming this week. One yes, one no. The yes sent me a further email saying she’d run with me. I replied, no you run your time and I’ll do mine. She responded with her firm belief in “leaving no one behind when training. It keeps things more fun and supporting one another goes a long way with something new like this.” Ok, I guess we will have to differ in opinions on this one. Last minute something came up and she couldn’t make it. So I was already changed in my running clothes, couldn’t back out now and no buddy. Still sort of not really looking forward to the lunch run/walk, I made my way to the meeting place. Ok. I SHOWED UP! I pre-warned our “fearful leader” that I was probably going to exit the group run at the same place on Cheapside that I did last time. We stretched a little and were off. We were starting out running 2, walking 1 minute. I got thru the first set and OH MY! I just wasn’t feeling it today, it was hard for some reason. A beautiful day, perfect running weather. It was sunny and 60F out. So not feeling it. I ended up walking a fair chunk of the time today. I took my planned exit at the Cheapside entrance to the property and continued on my route. In the end I went 2.15km. Had I stayed with the group, I may have gone 3.8km. But I bailed at my place of comfort zone. So, perhaps next time I’ll get out of my comfort zone and stick with the group around the block. I suppose just showing up, for me is pushing me out of my comfort zone, one of these week, I promise I will make it around the block with the group.

So how have you pushed yourself out of your comfort zone with respect to #Juneathon? Or just pushed yourself out of your comfort zone in general.

Something to remember: DICIPLINE is just choosing between what you want NOW and want you want MOST.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

June 2- Juneathon

The stormy clouds filled the skies. Juneathon goes on. Today I found myself at the local women's only gym. I pretty much had a run of the whole place to myself. It was great to not have to wait for a machine. Having full reign of the gym, I tried out machines that I had not used in a long time. So in addition to doing the weight circuit, I walked/ran 2.5km and did my squats for the 30 day squat challenge.

Now today is Sunday and tomorrow is Monday which means my Learn to Run group meets at lunch on Mondays. Earlier today I wasn't motivated to show up to it. I put a call out on Facebook whether or not I should pack my bag for tomorrow or not. Not surprisingly, not a single person said don't pack and I received some great encouragement from unexpected sources. Thanks guys!

Now, I just need to convince myself to be on time for the group and perhaps run more than I did last week. Hoping to wake up excited for L2R group.