Monday, July 22, 2013



It was a blast! Drove there the nite before, picked up my race packet from an awesome person (THANKS KATHY!). Decided to drive down to the packet pickup to get an idea of what the run will look like and to scope out some parking for the run day. Saw some of the setup going on.

Running Flat organized the race and I must say for the largest run Windsor, ON has ever had, they did a fabulous job, over 11,000 people registered. The race course was scenic along Riverside Drive and the Riverfront path. Just one of the many things I miss from my time living in Windsor.

Scenic Route along the Detroit Riverfront.

Ren Cen. - Detroit, MI - view from Windsor, ON

Considering these are the vats they
colored powered was stored in. 

I'm happy I wasn't on the cleanup crew.  
As for being the Happiest Store on the planet, I thought that was Ikea. :) I guess this is a pretty close second.


On the way back to the car, I noticed a few people got excited to try out their color packets. It was hard not to use them. Also the parking enforcement people were out in full force giving tickets. Glad, I mooched a parking stub off the person leaving next to me.

Color Powder

Here's the view of the starting pit before people filled it.

Empty Path

My race packet.

I was number 42225. YIPPIEEE!!! I'm one of 11,000. :)

Posing pre-color....
Goofing around.
Pre-party with some Zumba. Check out that GIANT Mountie!
Stage - Preparty

The Run-icorn leading the Conga line to the starting gate.

The starting hatch.

Sea of White waiting to get this thing started. Finnaly I get to start at 9:35am.

Throughout the course they had some cool signs like this to encourage you and perhaps to stop to get a photo.

Yep, you did sweat a Rainbow!

They didn't have a I Heart Turquoise. 

The run took us through the Odette Sculpture Park and many were caught posing with the sculptures. 

Chasing the naked man.

The After-party ROCKED! IT was so much fun. Got to go up on stage and see the huge crowd gathered and the beginning of the color throw after party, how cool does this look? As you can see Detroit peeking out from behind the banner.

Pre-After Party Color Bombs.
Finishing Banner photo!

Me and the Run-icorn post run.

I forgot that when you mixed all the colors of the rainbow together you got black? That's pretty much what I became. Black.

Time to head home and try to get cleaned up. I'm tired. Now that I have traveled over 10K.  Yep, that's my fancy pedometer I'm using. 10.13km or 20255 steps. Take your pick. Started about 9:35am and Finished at 10:25am. Not crazy fast, didn't run as much as I had hoped to, but with the warm weather, the occasionally stopping for a photo op and the huge crowd, I still feel accomplished for FINISHING my first 5K.

Yep I finished.
Yep, today I traveled 10K on foot
to do a 5K. 
Yes I had a FANTASTIC TIME! Thank to The Color Run Canada.  Thanks Running Flat for hosting a great event! Thanks to the new friends I made on the route.